Daebak Proves That Athleticism Runs In His Blood On “The Return Of Superman”

Daebak shows that he definitely takes after his athletic dad Lee Dong Gook on the recent episode of “The Return of Superman.”

This week’s episode of the KBS variety show features Choo Sung Hoon and his adorable daughter Sarang, who make a special return to commemorate the show’s third anniversary. The families hold a special sports day with various competitions for the kids to run around and have fun with each other.

The return of superman

One activity they do is the bar event, in which the children hang on bars to see who can last the longest. Daebak goes against his friend Da Eul, who is the same age as him. A few seconds into the game, Da Eul can’t hold on and lets go almost immediately. Daebak, however, looks completely nonplussed as he continues to hold onto the bar. The fathers are all shocked at how calm he is, and Daebak ends up hanging onto the bar for 50 seconds – an amazing feat for a child who is only two years old!

Check out the episode on Viki below!

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