B.A.P Talks About Making Their Comeback Without Bang Yong Guk

On November 7, B.A.P held their comeback showcase for their second studio album “NOIR.”

During the press conference, the members were asked about how they feel about making a comeback without Bang Yong Guk, who will not be joining promotions due to health issues.

Himchan, as the second eldest member in the group, has been designated as the leader in Bang Yong Guk’s absence. When asked about this, Himchan said, “While preparing this album Yong Guk had to temporarily stop activities because of an illness. Honestly, it is very burdensome. We split up the responsibilities that Yong Guk was carrying, but it is more burdensome than we thought it would be. It made me realize how amazing Yong Guk is. He will recover and come back, so we will do our best in the meantime.”

Zelo also said, “I hope that Yong Guk can fully rest and get better while we promote as five members. While there is pressure, we will do our best as though there are six of us.”

The members also revealed that Bang Yong Guk contacted them to tell them to do well and that he will be watching.

We hope Bang Yong Guk recovers soon!