B.A.P’s Himchan Explains How Jongup Ended Up Kissing Him

B.A.P held a comeback showcase for the release of their second studio album “NOIR” on November 7.

During the press conference portion, the members were asked about any interesting events that occurred while filming their music video for “Skydive.”

Himchan revealed that Jongup kissed him while filming a scene. He then clarified, “Since we got so immersed in our roles we couldn’t control our strength which lead to our lips bumping into each other.”

When asked about his recollection of this event, Jongup said, “It happened so fast, so I don’t really remember.”

Himchan concluded, “It happened because we were so immersed in acting. It felt unpleasant.”

His joke lead to laughter and revealed how close the pair and group actually are.

Watch their music video below (the scene they are talking about occurs around the 5:12 mark):