“Running Man” PD Talks About Gary’s Tearful Farewell Party

Jung Cheol Min, the producing director of SBS’s “Running Man,” dished about what went on behind the scenes at Gary’s last filming for the show.

After the farewell episode of “Running Man” hit the air on November 6, Jung Cheol Min said to OSEN, “Gary tried not to cry in front of everyone. He even said he would read the letters that were written to him by himself so he could cry in private.”

The director continued, saying that Song Ji Hyo, who teared up on camera, cried a lot later at the farewell dinner. “Song Ji Hyo was upset that Gary was leaving ever since she heard the news, and the other members were sad, as well,” said the PD.

Jung Cheol Min complimented the “Running Man” members for doing well, as they always do, on Gary’s last episode, and when Gary joked about what he would do if he wants to return to the show, Jung Cheol Min said, “If you want to, talk to me anytime.”

You can watch the Gary’s farewell episode here:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1111813v-running-man-goodbye-gary-episode-324

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