Exclusive: B.A.P Is Simply Adorable And Dorky At Comeback Showcase

On November 7, Soompi attended B.A.P’s comeback showcase for their second studio album “NOIR.”

B.A.P talked about making a comeback without Bang Yong Guk, Jongup kissing Himchan, and more.

Check out these exclusive photos of the members below!

First, the members pose “normal” and are as handsome as ever.

Himchan BAPdaehyun BAP youngjae BAPjongup BAP zelo BAP

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B.A.P is asked to express “Skydive” through poses. The results are hilarious:

himchan BAP 2

BAP daehyun

youngjae BAP 2

jongup BAP 2 zelo BAP 2

Check out the next page to see the members being adorable!

Question time with B.A.P!

himchan BAP 3

daehyun BAP 3 youngjae BAP 3

jongup BAP 3 zelo BAP 3

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