SM Kids Models Kim Ha Eun And Kim Do Hyun Feature In Teaser For SM STATION

SM Entertainment’s digital music channel SM STATION has revealed a teaser image for its upcoming track.

SM Kids Models Kim Do Hyun and Kim Ha Eun feature in the new teaser, and while it’s not clear whether they’ll be singing on the track, it looks like they will be headlining the release in some capacity.

Kim Do Hyun and Kim Ha eun

The teaser also has a heart that is half-red and half-yellow, which according to the color code means the release will feature someone from SM’s artist line 1 and line 2.

Meanwhile, Kim Do Hyun and Kim Ha Eun are 2 of 15 winners of SM Entertainment’s first “Kids Model Contest,” which took place this past summer.

You can follow Kim Ha Eun and Kim Do Hyun on Instagram at @haeun_0425 and @love_dohyun.