Watch: BTS Reveals Group Greetings That They Are Glad Didn’t Make The Cut

On the November 7 episode of “Star Show 360,” BTS appears as guests.

During the opening, the boys give their group greeting into their individual cameras, “2, 3 Bangtan – Hello, we are Bangtan Boys.”

MC Tak Jae Hoon comments on how BTS’s group greeting is very concise and clean, whereas other groups tend to be a bit wordier.

MC Leeteuk says, “Yea, [group greetings] tend to contain a lot of titles, but you do yours very neatly.”

Suga responds, “We had a variety of different [group greetings] in mind, but we got rid of them all.”

V affirms, “We thought they wouldn’t do.”

“There were actually a lot of embarrassing ones,” Suga reveals.

Tak Jae Hoon and Leeteuk ask if they can see a few, and the boys willingly oblige.

For the first group greeting they reveal, V gets up and acts like he’s throwing a grenade in the air. The boys are completely silent as they wait for the grenade to drop, and they altogether mimic the sound of an explosion and immediately follow it up with, “Hello, we are Bangtan boys!”

“There was also a [group greeting] that made us cringe,” Jin says.

For this second group greeting, each of the members act like they are soldiers in the trenches holding snipers as they say, “We are taking aim at your heart. Hello, we are Bangtan Boys!”

Suga says, “[If we went with this,] we would have probably changed it after we debuted anyways.”

What are your thoughts on their potential group greetings? Do you prefer either of them over their current greeting?

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