Here’s How Korea Is Reacting To The 2016 US Election

The world was watching the 2016 U.S. presidential election — from which Donald Trump emerged victorious — and Korea was no different. The election, in fact, hit the front pages of Korean news and is currently the top trending topic on Twitter in Korea.

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Here’s how Koreans are reacting to the 2016 elections: in frustration, desperation, solidarity, and humor.

When Koreans wished they could do something, anything…

“Shit, if Hillary gets elected, I’ll treat 5 who retweet this to a Starbucks java chip frappuccino.”

“If Hillary wins the election, I’ll make a hanbok for you. One hundred percent handmade.”

But they still have hope for the future…

“To the people of the future who are studying ancient history: any test about AD 2016 will have questions about tweezers, Brexit, U.S. presidential elections, and Korean shamans. Remember that.”

Korea is with you, America…

“U.S. election comments, hahaha. Will it be the first female president of the United States, or the first idiot president. But Korea’s already got both. Korea’s first female idiot president.”

“Koreans want to say something about the state of the U.S. presidential elections, but then hear the bells of a shaman fortuneteller and realize they have no room to talk.”

“Hm… weird. It’s the U.S. elections, but why does it feel like a rerun of Korea’s 2012 elections?”

People have changed, but people haven’t changed.

“A review of the U.S. elections: As expected, Lisa Simpson can’t beat Bart Simpson.”

“The elections are so stressful I’m thinking about turning off the TV and making dumplings. The world is going to ruin — more than matters of the state, it’s the fact that I can see clearly just how much people still hate women, people of color, and foreigners.”

And it’s not just the United States that hasn’t changed…

“If you go on Naver, 87 percent of the comments are from men, saying, ‘Just try voting for the b***h, you’ll become like [Korea]. Americans saw Park Geun Hye and came to their senses. They were right to vote for Trump.’ There are 509174209 comments like this haha.”

When the reality hit that it’s not a joke…

“The Canada immigration homepage goes down in the middle of the election.”

“The first sex-offender-racist-loose-tongued-corrupted-businessman president will be born…”

Too many thoughts…

“Trying to describe how my own country has gone to shit but still worrying about the U.S. elections in 140 characters.”

“Don’t need 140 characters to express how I feel”

“Trump elected. F***!!!”

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