These K-Poppers Reacting To The 2016 US Election Is Too Real

President Donald Trump is real. The Donald really won. The 2016 U.S. presidential election was one of the most-talked-about elections in recent history, and just about every single social media site lit up with shock and disbelief at the results. Even those watching from overseas couldn’t believe their eyes.

Here’s how K-poppers reacted to the election:

When K-pop is suddenly not your first priority.

And it’s “Fire,” but not in a good BTS or 2NE1 way.

International fans were voting too…

But in the US, seeing (too much) red…

The sad, sad, before-and-after.

Wondering what happened on Election Day…

This is serious, don’t make me laugh.

When a new group debuts and someone asks: “Why can’t you choose a bias?”

Ok, laugh at our pain…

So relatable it hurts…

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