Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho Show Their Amazing Chemistry In Latest Stills For “The Legend Of The Blue Sea”

As SBS’s “The Legend of the Blue Sea” approaches its premiere date, the drama has released more stills showing the chemistry-filled interactions of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun!

The fantasy-romance drama is about a genius conman who tries to help a mermaid adapt to human life. With the previous stills and trailers showing both traditional and modern times, many viewers are curious to see how the cross-over from the past to the present will play out.

The latest stills focus more on the interactions between Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun and show the actors effortlessly shifting from a fresh, cute mood to one that’s more serious and filled with tension. The Legend of the Blue Sea

The production crew talked about the two actors, saying, “Thanks to Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho’s chemistry, the mood on set is always friendly. Viewers will be able to see the actors cross-over from romantic-comedy to melodrama as they show a variety of their attractive characteristics.”

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” premieres next week on Wednesday, November 16. Catch it exclusively on Viki!