Big Hit Entertainment Takes Legal Action To Protect BTS

On November 10, Big Hit Entertainment released a formal statement about taking legal action regarding malicious rumors, false statements, and personal attacks against BTS.

The following is the agency’s official statement:

“Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment.

“We are informing you that starting from November 10, 2016, our company will be taking strong legal action against malicious rumors, false statements, and personal attacks that are being spread online which defame BTS or Big Hit.

“BTS members have been experiencing difficulties with rumors and malicious comments for a long time, so we have decided to firmly handle this. Big Hit Entertainment and all of the members of BTS have worked very hard to embrace all criticism and evaluations with open minds in order to grow and improve as artists. However, we have decided that it has come to a point where we can no longer overlook the behavior of netizens who consistently and habitually distort the truth and make personal attacks regarding BTS’s creative work, music activities, personal lives, and more with malicious intent.

“Recent information network systems and whistleblower protection laws have expedited court rulings on charges of defamation resulting in the sentencing of imprisonment and severe penalties. In order to protect our artists’ rights and interests, our company and a law firm has started the process of suing and reporting acts of creating false statements, spreading malicious posts and comments, and submitting it to the press with the intention of slander. Furthermore, we will firmly respond and take available legal action against artist defamation and cases of additional damage without making settlements from now on.

“Thank you.”

Big Hit Entertainment has also asked for submissions of evidence regarding malicious rumors, false statements, and personal attacks.

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