3 Reasons Why You Should Read Spottoon’s “He Is A High School Girl”

Soompiers, you have just one week left to read the final comic in our series from Spottoon, “He is a High School Girl,” directly on Soompi! If you haven’t started reading yet, here are a few reasons why you should:

1. A boy disguises himself as a girl, and it’s pretty funny to watch him struggle


Similar to dramas such as “Coffee Prince,” this webtoon’s storyline revolves around a cross-dressing character. But while dramas often feature a girl dressing up as a boy, “He is a High School Girl” takes on the reverse! And when the character in question is a super-macho fighter with a quick temper, you know it will be pretty hilarious to see him trying to pass as a shy high school girl!

2. It tackles the serious issue of bullying


This webtoon’s plot also focuses on a very serious real-world issue: bullying. Interestingly, the comic shows multiple sides of the issue — Kanghui is both the victim of bullying and a witness who tries to stand up for her friends who get bullied; rival Rahui is the reigning bully at the girls’ school; and main character Kangbae can be quite a bully himself, yet he wants to protect his sister from bullies. While Kangbae may choose an unconventional method for dealing with the bullies at his sister’s school, this webtoon gives readers food for thought on the problem of bullies and how we can put a stop to this serious issue.

3. The sibling love is real


Although the main character Kangbae is more than a little rough around the edges, beneath his tough exterior is a deep love for his sister Kanghui, and all he wants to do is take care of her. This might remind you of the sibling bonds in dramas such as “The Innocent Man,” “Boys Over Flowers,” and “Reply 1988.” Even when siblings don’t always get along, in the end they always look out for each other — and the same goes for Kangbae and Kanghui in this webtoon.

“He is a High School Girl” will be available to read directly on Soompi until November 21 KST. Don’t miss out — click here to start reading!

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