Black Friday Deals at Innisfreeworld!

Looking forward to Black Friday shopping? Don’t miss out on these amazing deals from innisfree and snag your favorite skincare products at great prices!

[LIMITED] No Sebum Mineral Powder (Big Size) – $12.00


This product is perfect for people with oily skin. This mineral powder sets your makeup and absorbs excess sebum, leaving you with non-greasy, baby-soft skin! Thanks to refreshing ingredients like Jeju natural minerals and mint, this lovely product helps restore the balance of oil and moisture in your skin. Use it at the last step of your daily makeup routine, and it will help keep your skin bright and radiant all day! There are limited quantities of this large size (15g) at this price, so snap one up for yourself today!

[LIMITED] Capsule Recipe Pack – $7.50

Capsule Recipe Pack – Rice


Looking for an overnight makeover? Use this sleeping pack before you go to bed; when you wash it off in the morning, you’ll be thrilled to see your bright, glowing skin in the mirror! This Capsule Recipe Pack contains 1,000ppm of rice extract, a natural ingredient that makes skin bright and soft.

Capsule Recipe Pack – Bija & Tea Tree


If you need something to soothe troubled or sensitive skin, try this gentle Capsule Recipe Pack with 100ppm of bija oil and 300ppm of tea tree leaf oil. These gentle ingredients bring relief to troubled skin without stripping it of moisture. Apply this clay-type pack after cleansing, then wash it off after 10 minutes to reveal refreshed, glowing skin. It’s even gentle enough to use every day!

Both of these Capsule Recipe Packs are only available at this price online!

Green Tea Balancing Skincare – Skin, Lotion, and Cream

Skin (Toner) – $11.90

greenteabalancing skin

Lotion (Emulsion) – $11.90

greenteabalancing lotion

Cream – $12.60

greenteabalancing cream

The Green Tea Balancing skincare line contains eco-friendly green tea extract from green tea leaves and green tea seeds harvested on Jeju Island. Each product in this 3-step routine helps restore a healthy balance in your skin. First, apply the skin (toner), which has a water-like texture that softens your skin and absorbs easily with no stickiness. Next apply the lotion, which delivers a refreshing layer of nourishment and moisture to your skin. Finally, apply a layer of cream to seal in all that green tea goodness and provide your skin with more intense moisture without any heaviness, thanks to its light, whipped-cream texture.

In addition to the Green Tea Balancing line, there’s also a Green Tea Fresh line and a Green Tea Moisture line, so you can pick the perfect products for your personal skin type!

These deals are only available until November 27, KST with limited quantity. Ready to pamper your skin? Visit to score some great deals on these products and more!

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