Ji Chang Wook And Choi Tae Joon Team Up To Prank Apink’s Yoon Bomi Before The Wedding

On the recent episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Choi Tae Joon enlisted the help of his close friend Ji Chang Wook to prank Apink’s Yoon Bomi before the couple’s wedding ceremony.

During the episode, the Apink members as well as Block B’s Zico appeared to congratulate the couple. And despite his busy filming schedule, Ji Chang Wook showed his loyalty to Choi Tae Joon by making an appearance.

JI Chang Wook 1

Before the ceremony, Choi Tae Joon explained that Bomi had mistaken him for Ji Chang Wook during their first meeting. Choi Tae Joon then revealed that he wanted to make the wedding special, so the two friends decided to team up to surprise Bomi on her wedding day.

Ji Chang Wook

In order to make his friend’s request come true, Ji Chang Wook put on a helmet and pretended to be Choi Tae Joon while driving Bomi to the wedding location. Bomi was completely shocked when she found that the man who drove the scooter was not her on-screen husband, but Ji Chang Wook!

Yoon Bomi

Watch Ji Chang Wook’s appearance in the full episode below!

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