Choo Sarang Runs A Complicated Errand For Her Dad All By Herself

Choo Sarang completed a difficult errand for her dad Choo Sung Hoon all on her own!

On the November 13 episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” Choo Sung Hoon took a cue from Lee Beom Soo, who previously sent his daughter So Eul with her little brother Da Eul on an important errand on their own. With So Eul being the same age as his own daughter, Choo Sung Hoon thought it was time for Sarang to complete a mission by herself as well.

Sarang was tasked with walking their dog Kyoro to a nearby pet shop to have Kyoro’s nails trimmed and fur shampooed, as well as to drop by a coffee shop and order an iced coffee and espresso.

choo sung hoon choo sarang

Holding onto a map Choo Sung Hoon drew for her, Sarang set off to the pet shop, where she correctly asked for Kyoro to be groomed just the way her dad asked.

While waiting for Kyoro to be finished, Sarang made her way to the coffee shop. However, instead of buying what her dad requested, Sarang made her own orders of pastry and cocoa, though she at least remembered to buy the iced coffee.

choo sarang

Although she left out the espresso, Sarang successfully accomplished her chore overall, and Choo Sung Hoon was proud to know that he could entrust his little girl to finish an errand alone.

Catch the latest “The Return of Superman” episode below!

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