T-ara Talks About Latest Comeback And Promoting In China

Girl group T-ara recently made their comeback with the new mini-album “Remember” after a year-long hiatus.

In an interview, T-ara shared what they did during the break. “We held a concert tour in China and appeared on variety shows,” they said. “In September our last Chinese concert sold out 12,000 seats.”

T-ara also got the opportunity to remake “Little Apple” with the famous Chinese duo Chopstick Brothers. Their Chinese fancafe has over 3 million members, among the highest for K-pop girl groups. Eunjung and Soyeon said, “Rather than planning on promoting in China, I think it was a matter of luck.”

About their new album, the group said that their title track “TIAMO” was intended for their fans. Jiyeon and Eunjung added, “‘TIAMO’ means ‘I love you’ in Italian. We have had a lot of retro songs lately, but this one is a simple song without any frills.”

Seven years into their career, T-ara is now considered a veteran and a senior in the idol industry. “There are a lot of really talented juniors,” Soyeon said. “I’m really thankful that our juniors are carrying the girl group market forward.”

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