Daebak Is Such A Troll And Plays With Lee Dong Gook’s Heart

November 13 was the third anniversary special of “The Return of Superman,” with Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang making a special appearance and going on vacation with the cast members of the show.

Daebak, with his dad Lee Dong Gook and Lee Hwi Jae, grabbed Lee Hwi Jae’s leg and said over and over again, “Dad. He’s my dad.” Seo Eon and Seo Jun were perplexed, trying to convince Daebak that Lee Hwi Jae is their dad, not his. Lee Dong Gook also said to Daebak, trying to make him see, “But Dad’s legs are thicker. Feel them.” However, Daebak continued to insist that his dad was Lee Hwi Jae. Giving up, Lee Dong Gook said, “Okay, fine, he’s your dad.”

Later at dinner, Daebak kept calling Lee Hwi Jae his dad, and Lee Dong Gook said, “Then who am I?” Daebak eventually correctly called Lee Dong Gook dad, but then went to Lee Hwi Jae and said “Mom,” confusing Lee Dong Gook to no end.

the return of superman lee hwi jae daebak

Watch what happens here:

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