Agency Denies Rumors Of Jessica’s Involvement With Choi Soon Sil

Jessica Jung is the latest in the string of Korean celebrities rumored to be involved with Choi Soon Sil, President Park Geun Hye’s friend and confidant, who, when it was revealed that she had been receiving confidential information and drafts of the president’s speeches, sent the entire country into an uproar.

The rumors about Jessica come on the heels of rumors that Assemblyman Ahn Min Suk asked prosecutors to investigate celebrities, and that he would go on television to reveal celebrities involved with drugs. The Assemblyman previously had stated on a radio show that he knows of celebrities who are involved in the current presidential scandal and that if they keep lying, he would out them, as he has evidence.

Both Jessica and Ahn Min Suk have denied the current rumors.

Here is the full statement from Jessica’s agency, Coridel Entertainment.

“Hello. This is Coridel Entertainment.

“On the rumors regarding Ahn Min Suk’s alleged statement about celebrities and the scandal with Choi Soon Sil, we would like to clarify that they have nothing to do with our agency’s artists.

“Assemblyman Ahn Min Suk also denied these rumors today (November 14). The rumors, including edited unconfirmed statements, are being posted as if true with malicious intent, and are spreading on social media sites. We will be taking legal action against any related falsehoods and malicious statements.

“We find it quite regrettable that Jessica has been brought up [in this scandal] with no evidence or relevance, and as this is a major national issue, we could not stand idly by.

“In addition, as it is an issue that can majorly damage someone’s reputation — both as a celebrity and a person — as well as cause major psychological stress, we ask that people delete what they have posted.

“Once again, we will be paying close attention to any and all false statements with regard to this matter, and will be taking strict legal action.”

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