A BTOB Member Will Be Sharing His Concern On “Hello Counselor” As A Participant

One of the members of BTOB will be appearing on the upcoming episode of “Hello Counselor” to share his concern.

On November 14, the production team of “Hello Counselor” revealed that a BTOB member came to share his concerns even though it wasn’t a celebrity special episode.

During the episode, the member reveals how he always has to lie when asked specific questions. “I also want to speak honestly. But I can’t because I’m an idol. I held it in because of the members and the fans, but now I want to reveal it,” the member confesses.

All of the “Hello Counselor” hosts and the live audience were rumored to respond in shock, but the member’s courage to confess touched the audience and made them laugh.

The BTOB member will be appearing on the new “Hello Counselor” episode on November 14, 11:10 p.m. KST.

Which member do you think it is?

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