Tablo Reveals Just How Close He Is With His Daughter Haru

Rapper Tablo opens up about his close relationship with his adorable daughter Haru.

In the November edition of Esquire magazine, Tablo shares about the difficult times he was able to endure thanks to his wife Kang Hye Jung and Haru. He reveals, “I haven’t lost sight of how much Haru has grown. When we’re together, she feels like a friend. Sometimes I even forget that she is my daughter. I think she forgets it too.”

He continues, “There are a lot of times when she just feels like a young, close friend. Honestly. This has been one of those things they say to be thankful for even in difficult times.”

He shares about how caring Haru is towards him, even late at night. “There have been times when I’ll be sleeping at night and Haru will come to wake me up,” Tablo reveals. “If I ask what’s wrong, she’ll just ask if I’m okay. And then she’ll go back to sleep. There have been several times like that.”

Meanwhile, you can check out the latest episode of “The Return of Superman,” featuring a brief appearance by Tablo, below!

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