Pokémon Go Designer Says The Game Might Finally Head To South Korea

After Pokémon Go hysteria hit the United States four months ago, it seems that South Koreans might finally be able to play the game themselves!

At the Next Content Conference in Seoul, Pokémon Go designer Dennis Hwang talked about the possibility of the game becoming available as well as the great interest he has seen from those in the Korean market. He then hinted that Korean fans would be “hearing good news soon.”

Pokémon Go is currently not available in most areas of South Korea due to a conflict between Google Maps and the South Korean security restrictions. However, Dennis Hwang assured fans that they are willing to look for other mapping alternatives, if needed.

While there is no word of a release date as of yet, many who are eager to play have been heading to Seokcho, which is currently the only place in the country where the game is playable.

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