MONSTA X’s Wonho Posts Adorable Support Selfie With Daebak

MONSTA X’s Wonho recently delighted all Monbebes (and “The Return of Superman“) fans with a cute and supportive selfie!

On the official MONSTA X Twitter, Wonho and Lee Dong Gook‘s son Daebak can be seen posing for a photo together. In the caption, Wonho writes, “I met Daebak by chance today… The entrance exams will also be daebak. #youcandoit.”

Daebak in Korean means “jackpot” and is usually used to mean “do well” or “amazing.” “You can do it” is Daebak’s motto, adopted from Korean fencer Park Sang Young, and often heard on “The Return of Superman.” Meanwhile, the Korean CSAT, also known as university entrance exams, will take place on November 17.