B.A.P Are The Biggest Fans Of Their “Tough Guy” Concept

Boy group B.A.P recently sat down for an interview for their latest comeback with their second studio album, “Noir.”

“Since our debut we’ve often done rough-and-tough concepts,” they said. “We’ve come to realize that a tough image suits B.A.P best. We know we can express it well and we get a lot of confidence on stage.”

“Because all the members have diverse musical tastes and thanks to Bang Yong Guk’s leadership, we think there is a huge musical range that B.A.P can express,” they continued. “There are lots of songs on this album, but we plan to continue showing new musical styles on future records too.”

However, the group is careful about the label ‘artist.’ Youngjae said, “The word ‘artist’ is not one to take lightly. When people call us artists, we feel pressured and kind of embarrassed.”

He added, “We don’t want focus too much on labels. B.A.P plans to keep making music for a long time, and keep maturing while trying out various genres. To B.A.P, ‘music’ means ‘passion.'”

B.A.P made their comeback on November 7 with title track “Skydive.” Leader Bang Yong Guk is currently on hiatus from promotions due to health issues.

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