Teen Top’s Changjo Describes What His Health Was Like During A Slump

Teen Top’s Changjo recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about a variety of topics including his health.

Teen Top's Changjo

The singer talked about a time when he experienced a slump, saying, “I suffered from bipolar disorder. If one thing didn’t work out, it felt like everything didn’t work out. And if I was scolded a little, it felt like I was being scolded all day. I was also self-conscious about my appearance, so I dieted harshly. I would only eat one meal a day, or I would eat salads instead of rice. I also had extreme acne so I used saline solution to maintain my skin.”

Changjo 1

The singer also revealed that he tore multiple ligaments during the promotions for Teen Top’s “Rocking.” “I was supposed to wear a partial cast on both my legs, but I needed to walk so I only wore one. It got a lot better after surgery. At the time, there wasn’t a lot of strength in my ankles so I suffered a lot,” Changjo explained.

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