10 Feel-Good K-Dramas For The Holidays

As the leaves fall to the ground in a brown mush, it’s the perfect season for burrowing yourself under fluffy blankets with a cup of hot chocolate and dramas! And what better way to warm up your heart in this cold weather than watching dramas that are full of heart? Check out our recommendations below!

Reply series


While I was barely alive in 1997 (and not alive in 1988 — heck I don’t even live in Korea), this series made me so nostalgic for the simpler days of beepers and VCR tapes. Full of many throwbacks (and extremely relatable moments), each drama is overflowing with heart and family. Once it’s over, I guarantee you’ll want to watch it again!

Watch the latest “Reply” series!

Hoi Hoi couple forever

To be honest, any Hong sisters’ drama (“You’re Beautiful,” “Master’s Sun,” “The Greatest Love“) will give you the fuzzies, but this one in particular is my favorite.

I miss Lee Seung Gi! I really love him in these romantic comedies, and I hope that his comeback drama from the army is another romantic comedy (and maybe the Hong sisters could have a comeback too? It’s been so long!). His chemistry with Shin Min Ah is adorable, and every time that beautiful OST comes on (Doo bi doo bi doo wa fa~), you’ll get hit with the feels all over again. Light and full of fluff (and not just because of her nine tails), this is a drama that’s guaranteed to make you squeal (and guffaw) out loud.

Watch “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho”:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/83212v-my-girlfriend-is-a-gumiho-episode-1

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo


It’s about bread, bread, and more bread. All 50 glorious episodes. I never knew there could be so many life lessons that could be learned from bread. But sarcasm aside, it’s a touching story of the underdog ultimately coming up on top — and it’s super addicting to boot. At such a tumultuous time, it’s nice to be reminded that the good does win sometimes.

Watch “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo”:


This is the last food drama on this list, I swear! The power of ramyun is too great to not be mentioned. I mean it brings together families, solves world hunger, gets people to fall in love like that, and clears up acne (even with all that sodium!). What more can you ask for?

But in all honesty, this drama full of family and adorable crushes has a lot of spunk and warmth that’s sure to fill you up just like ramyun. (And having two very cute male leads doesn’t hurt either.)

Watch “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”:

Dear My Friends

At first glance it may seem like a drama about a bunch of old men and women (perhaps grandmas adn grandpas might be more appropriate), and well, it is. BUT it’s a drama about a bunch of old men and women who are bursting with life and comedic zingers — all packed with Noh Hee Kyung’s famous brand of heart and humanity. No matter your age, this drama will capture your heart, and afterwards, make you want to call up your own parents and grandparents.

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang


Back to the 2000s we go! This is another classic Hong sisters drama (I swear I’ll just mention two here). Witty and humorous, the *ahem* interesting styles of the 2000s are sure to give you some unexpected nostalgia.


A drama about dreaming high (hur), the messages of this drama is still so relevant no matter where you are in life. While as a whole the acting was a bit of a miss, it’s sweetly full of heart, adorable friendships, and yogurt drinks.

Watch “Dream High”:

Master of Study


This drama is in a similar vein with “Dream High” — without the singing and dancing. We get to see Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Woo in the same drama — and they are so adorable! It’s unexpectedly inspiring with its message that despite where you come from or what your background is, with hard work, you can succeed and continue to chase your dreams. And as you chase ’em, if those dreams change, that’s okay too.

Watch “Master of Study”:

Awfully raw at times, it’s a drama about people and just life in general. Poignant, but unexpectedly touching and encouraging, it’s one of the realest dramas out there.

Watch “Incomplete Life”:

Sassy Go Go


Full of pep and cheer (heh), it’s a stark contrast to “Incomplete Life,” and full of many “I wish this was my high school” moments. Sweet and refreshingly adorable, it’s a light fluffball of a drama that’s the perfect topper on a cold night.

Watch “Sassy Go Go”:

Happy holidays everyone!

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