Watch: Junggigo And Paloalto Turn Up The Funk In “Hey Bae” MV

On November 18 at midnight KST, Junggigo dropped a new single “Hey Bae” featuring rapper Paloalto!

Described as “a groovy neo-soul” track, the song highlights the R&B’s singer signature husky voice as he rides the upbeat rhythm. Junggigo produced the track in collaboration with Gusta&JB as a song that he and his fans could enjoy together. “Hey Bae” also features Paloalto of Highlight Records, who showed off his smooth rapping.

A complete contrast to his previous single, “Nocturne,” the simple music video for “Hey Bae” accentuated the fun yet laid-back nature of the song as it focused on Junggigo and Paloalto grooving while performing.

Check out Junggigo’s newest release below and let us know what you think!

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