Bang Shi Hyuk Talks About BTS’s Popularity, Success, And More

Producer Bang Shi Hyuk, the man behind Big Hit Entertainment and BTS, had an interview with X Sports News to discuss BTS and their success.

The producer first talked about the positive response to BTS’ second studio album “WINGS” and said, “I don’t think the successful result of ‘WINGS’ was to be expected, but I don’t think the results were a matter of luck. The members have steadily taken steps and they are showing the results of their continuous growth to the public. They will continue to work hard and show improvement. I also want to thank people who have given generous interest and love.”

He also talked about how BTS became a group and explained, “The first opportunity to plan BTS was leader Rap Monster. After seeing Rap Monster’s rap I thought about creating a hip hop group and gathered the current members. Later I thought that the group shouldn’t just be idols who do hip hop, but rather members who can tell their own stories. This thought has consistently been reflected in BTS’s music and has not changed now either. I also wanted the group to not only compose and write lyrics but also independently participate in producing and stage management. They are steadily fulfilling this.”

Bang Shi Hyuk also revealed his special promise with BTS and said, “I made a promise with BTS before they debuted. [I promised] that I would help them become an established team as a producer if they believe in the team’s potential and do their best with their individual responsibilities. The members believed in my promise and I also did my best to honor my words. This doesn’t only apply to that moment, but rather it’s a kind of conviction that won’t be forgotten in the present and the future.”

BTS Bang Shi Hyuk

When asked about the key to BTS’s popularity, he answered, “It’s because they express contemporary stories that everyone can relate to. I think many people like them because they don’t just have commonplace love songs. BTS has a unique voice that unravels worries experienced through growth and the uneasiness of youth. Also, in the context of their music being relatable, the members show a friendly charm. I think another reason is their desire to communicate with their fans.”

The hitmaker is also asked about his opinion regarding statements about how Big Hit and BTS is a small and medium sized company miracle. Bang Shi Hyuk commented, “I like it. It doesn’t bother me. When thinking about the size and number of company employees at the time of their debut, ‘small and medium size’ is objectively true. However, while I like hearing “miracle,” I think it sounds like it limits their potential. BTS will need to grow further and groups will debut and need to grow more than BTS regardless of agency size. Thus, I don’t want to limit their current worth with the expression of them being a ‘miracle.'”

BTS Bang Shi Hyuk 2

Bang Shi Hyuk also explained that the reason for BTS releasing their music through different series/trilogies is because it was not possible to put all of the stories BTS wanted to tell on one album.

Furthermore, he clarified questions regarding BTS’s concepts and whether or not they reflect his personal preferences. The producer explained, “I personally like romance comics and romance movies. However, BTS’s concepts do not reflect my personal taste. You can see it as a result of our company employees planning after repeated worries. I think we have shown good synergy as the members understand and express the concepts planned by the company very well.”

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