Ji Chang Wook Opens Up About Controversial Bathhouse Action Scene in “The K2”

The bathhouse action scene featured in tvN’s “The K2” was highly controversial, but Ji Chang Wook had his own concerns about the scene.

In an interview conducted on November 14, the actor revealed that this two-minute long scene was one of his most memorable action scenes. It featured Ji Chang Wook’s character, Kim Je Ha, brawling with numerous bodyguards at a public bathhouse, where all of them were naked with their pelvic areas blurred out.

ji chang wook

Ji Chang Wook explained that he was worried about it for many different reasons. “I told the director, ‘It’s considerably difficult to maintain my body.’ I had to exercise every day and control what I ate. As filming progressed, it became hard to do both.” the actor confessed.

He said that he personally asked that it be filmed early on because of these reasons, which is how it ended up being the very first scene he filmed in the whole drama.

Ji Chang Wook also stated that he felt nervous and strange about the idea of fighting with 10 or so other men in the nude, and was concerned whether it would be alright to include a scene that could cause aversion if not filmed carefully. Contrary to his worries, he concluded that in the end, he “was satisfied deep down because it thankfully came out as something unusual and unconventional.”

Meanwhile, the Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) previously ruled that the controversial scene was excessive considering the drama’s time slot and sent a “recommendation” to not include such scenes.

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