Watch: 100 Musicians Join Together For Song Of Hope Amidst Social Unrest

On November 18, singer-songwriter Lee Seung Hwan released “Abandoned on the Side of the Street part 2” following the first version of the song that was released on November 11, which features himself, Lee Hyori and Jeon In Kwon.

The song is available to the public for free, as is the first version of the song. More than 100 individuals from over 50 teams joined together to record the song, including Lyn, Sweet Sorrow, Ha Dong Kyun, and Rooftop Moonlight. A guitar solo was also included, performed by guitarist Shin Dae Chul of the legendary heavy metal group Sinawe.

While the music video of “Abandoned on the Side of the Street” focused on images of the massive peaceful protests calling for President Park Geun Hye’s resignation, the music video for “Abandoned on the Side of the Street Part 2” covered a wide range of topics that have had a severe impact on the Korean people. These included the Sewol Ferry tragedy, farmer Baek Nam Gi’s death, the “Gangnam Murder,” the continued comfort women controversy, and the most recent protests in Gwanghwamun.

The music video also features the song’s lyrics handwritten by twenty people, including families of Sewol ferry victims, Baek Doraji, the daughter of Baek Nam Gi, Gil Won Ok, a former comfort woman, and people who have participated in the recent protests.

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