I.O.I’s Kim Sejeong Wishes She Could Erase This “Taint” On Her Past

The bubbly I.O.I girls played guests for the pilot episode of Mnet’s new talk show “Yang and Nam Show,” hosted by Eric Nam and Yang Se Hyung.

The episode, which aired just yesterday (November 17), first began with a hilarious psychological battle between the two MCs, but the arrows were quickly turned towards I.O.I  when they appeared. It turned out that the theme of the day was “Our Guests’ History,” and the embarrassing past videos of  I.O.I that  Yang Se Hyung had prepared were met with lots of screams and laughter.

In particular, Kim Sejeong expressed great desire to erase the part of “Produce 101” where she got so emotional that her nostrils flared and stole the show altogether.


If that is considered a blight on her past, it’s certainly a very cute one, isn’t it?

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