Kim Yoo Jung Encourages People In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine to get you through hard times. In the midst of societal unrest in South Korea, Kim Yoo Jung tries to encourage people with a cheesy, but effective pun.

On November 18, the young actress posted an adorable drawing of an octopus on her Instagram that says “Let’s not fall apart,” with one of the words purposely spelled incorrectly. She attached a caption that said, “Do not fall apart in any situation- Even if you fall apart, you can get back up:) Right~?,” this time, with the correct spelling. (The verb she uses to metaphorically mean “to fall apart” has a different spelling but similar phonetic pronunciation to octopus in Korean.)

She also previously posted another message in support of all the protestors who held a rally calling for President Park Geun Hye’s resignation on November 12. At the time, she asked people who were at home to participate in a movement where they would temporarily turn off their lights at a set time in solidarity with the protest.

Time and time again, Kim Yoo Jung proves that she’s definitely wise beyond her years!