VIXX’s Leo’s “Duet Song Festival” Partner Says He Speaks As Sweetly As He Sings

On the November 18 episode of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival,” Kim Tae Woo, Wheesung, DAVICHI’s Kang Min Kyung, VIXX’s Leo, and Babylon appeared as guests.

VIXX’s Leo and his partner sang Kim Tae Woo’s “Words I Want to Say,” with their chorus and harmonies catching the attention of the audience.

As the original singer, Kim Tae Woo commented, “It’s a whole different feeling. It’s a lot more dynamic when sung as a male-female duet.”

Duet Song Festival VIXX Leo

Leo’s partner, Jung Yung Eun, was asked what it was like to practice with the idol, who is sometimes perceived as having a “cold” image.

“He speaks very sweetly and cutely,” she said. “When he goes to drink some water, instead of just going, he says, ‘Yung Eun, will you give me five minutes, please?'”

You can watch the episode, starting with Leo’s practice and performance, below:

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