November Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On November 19, the Korea Business Research Institute released their brand reputation findings for actors currently starring in a drama. The results were determined based on data gathered from October 17 to November 18.

Jun Ji Hyun is at the top with her drama comeback through “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” She got a brand reputation index score of 5,926,440. Her co-star Lee Min Ho is at second place with 3,477,884. Third place goes to Soo Ae who is currently acting in “The Man Living in Our House” respectively.

The full list of rankings can be seen below:

1. Jun Ji Hyun
2. Lee Min Ho
3. Soo Ae
4. Kim Young Kwang
5. Song Ji Hyo
6. Yoo Yeon Seok
7. Lim Ji Yeon
8. Han Suk Kyu
9. Lee Sun Gyun
10. Oh Ji Ho
11. Lee Dong Gun
12. Park Jin Hee
13. Kim So Eun
14. So Yi Hyun
15. Kim Jae Won
16. Cha In Pyo
17. Ryu Hyoyoung
18. Son Ho Jun
19. Lee Soo Kyung
20. Song Jae Rim

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