AOA’s Mina Gets Caught Up In Dating And Marriage Rumors With Iranian Actor

Recent reports from Iranian news outlets claimed that Iranian actor and composer Hamed Tehrani (31) is dating AOA’s Mina (23) and has plans to get married.

The reports stated that Hamed Tehrani asked Mina to come to Teheran but she was unable to due to her busy schedule.

Both sides have come forward to address these dating and marriage reports. Hamed Tehrani spoke with Yonhap News and said, “I was very shocked when I saw the media reports. The contents of the reports are false and it is not true that I said those words.”

The actor continued, “I apologize to AOA’s Mina and angry Iranian K-pop fans.”

AOA’s agency, FNC Entertainment, strongly denied the reports and said, “The report is not true at all and we don’t even know who that Iranian actor is.”

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