Bang Shi Hyuk Talks About BTS’s Popularity, Reaction Videos, And More

Big Hit Entertainment producer Bang Shi Hyuk had an interview with Sports Chosun to talk about BTS’s music, popularity, and success.

Bang Shi Hyuk said, “There isn’t really a key to their popularity. As a producer, I just created a good environment for the members to grow their musical talents with creators from different fields. The most important thing is that the members did their very best in their efforts. I guess constantly contemplating about music, having ambition to show their best selves on stage, and communicating closely with fans can be considered the key to their success.”

The producer also revealed his wishes to thank BTS fans all over the world.

In regards to the group’s recent success with “WINGS,” he commented, “The really unexpected result was making it on the UK chart. Their previous two albums made it onto Billboard’s chart, so we were somewhat expecting good results, but getting on the UK chart surpassed our expectations.”


Bang Shi Hyuk also talked about how he monitors the group’s popularity and checks YouTube reaction videos as well. He said, “I indirectly found out about how BTS is viewed by overseas fans by frequently watching YouTube reaction videos. I was very shocked when I saw global fans wailing as they watched BTS’s ‘I Need U’ music video. It made me think that while we were trying to express the pain that the current youth is experiencing, it’s not just a Korean story but rather something that people around the world can identify with. Fans all over the world were reacting the same way to the somewhat extreme narrative.”

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