10 Things Every K-Pop Concertgoer Can Relate To

If you’re one of the lucky fans who has had the chance to see your favorite idols perform live, you know that there’s nothing quite like the experience of attending a K-pop concert.

What is it that makes the K-pop concert experience so special (aside from the incredible performances, obviously)? Here are 10 things that fans who have attended a K-pop concert can totally relate to:

1. The ticketing struggle

Before you can experience the epicness of a K-pop concert, first you’ve got to get in the door — and if you’ve ever tried to ticket for a K-pop concert, you know that the process can entail quite an emotional roller coaster. INTERNET, DON’T FAIL ME NOW.

Don’t even THINK about crashing, Ticketmaster.

2. The rising anticipation

Once you’ve secured a ticket, you now have to spend the next several days/weeks/months in what seems like an excruciating eternity of building excitement for the big day. How can you concentrate on school/work/anything in life when you’ll get to see your faves (and not just on a computer screen!) very soon?? You’re SO EXCITED (and in a state of mild disbelief that you’ll soon be seeing a live K-pop concert)…

…but passing the time can be pretty hard. Concert day just needs to get here already!

3. Choosing which concert goods to buy (and figuring out how to afford them)

Next comes the agonizing decision of how to commemorate your experience with some concert merchandise — but how can you choose between light sticks, posters, T-shirts, keychains, photo albums, tote bags, and whatever other tantalizing items that the agencies come up with to try to take your money? Goodbye, paycheck.

4. Waiting in line to get in

The big day has finally arrived!! . . . and then you have to wait in line to get into the venue. If you want to buy concert goods and/or if you’re in the standing section, you probably have to show up several hours early. SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR.

Don’t push or cut in line, kids.

5. Trying not to get crushed in the standing section

If you’ve ever gone standing, you know that it can be quite the battlefield as fans jostle to get as close to the stage as possible. Yes, everyone wants to see their bias up close, but safety first!

6. The pure joy of seeing your favorite idols in the flesh

All of the aforementioned struggles become more than worth it when the venue lights go down, the stage lights up, and your beloved idols appear on the stage in a (often literal) blaze of glory. You’re finally seeing your bias(es) — not on a poster, not on YouTube, but IN REAL LIFE. Maybe you cheer them on in a calm and cool manner…

…or maybe you don’t. There is no wrong way to fangirl/fanboy!

7. …even if you’re in the nosebleed seats

Did you end up in the last seat of the last row in the last section? Doesn’t matter — you still get to be there! (…I mean, okay, it matters. Of course it’s better to be up close, but being in a faraway seat is still better than not being there at all, right?)

8. So many feelings of fandom love

There’s something special about thousands of fans coming together in once place to support their favorite idols and enjoy their music. There’s nothing quite like seeing a stadium light up with the glow of your favorite group’s official light stick color, or screaming the fan chants to your favorite songs in perfect unison with thousands of fellow fans. And if you’ve ever been to a K-pop concert, you know that the fan clubs usually prepare some pretty epic events, from banners to confetti to phrases spelled out in glow sticks. Fangirls and fanboys, unite!

9. Singing/screaming until you have no voice

Of course, one of the best parts is cheering for your beloved idols and singing along to all of your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. It’s worth the raspy throat and lack of voice the next day.

10. Coming down from the concert high

Unfortunately, life can’t be a K-pop concert 24/7, so after the concert is over, well, you might have a lot of feelings… It’s okay to cry it out.

Hopefully someday soon you’ll get to attend another concert, but until then, it’s back to MVs and fancams to tide you over…

Soompiers, what’s your favorite part of attending a K-pop concert?

minjiya can usually be found writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself through long runs outside, or plotting her escape from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on Twitter @yaminjiya.