Apink’s Hayoung And Jung Eun Ji Talk About The Weird Things They Like To Eat

Apink’s Hayoung and Jung Eun Ji recently made an appearance on the SBS cooking variety program “Baek Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors.”

When asked if she still eats an entire chicken all by herself, Jung Eun Ji said, “Yes. I eat it every day.”

MC Lee Hwi Jae couldn’t believe his ears, but Hayoung confirmed, “She really does.” Another guest, Kim Ji Min, revealed, “We’re eating chicken on the show today but she also ordered some backstage while we were waiting.”

Jung Eun Ji said, “I really like chicken. I eat it instead of rice. Once I was eating some but it tasted the same as yesterday’s so I put in mozzarella cheese and dipped it in strawberry jam. It was really good.”

Apink Hayoung

Hayoung was also no stranger to some odd food habits, which she revealed when Baek Jong Won visited a barbecue chicken restaurant that gives out free corn cheese (a dish where canned corn is sprinkled with cheese and baked).

“I love corn cheese,” Hayoung exclaimed. “When I go to sashimi restaurants, I eat seven of those.”

What are some of your weirdest food habits?

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