SISTAR’s Hyorin Talks About How She Really Feels About Chart Rankings

On the November 19 broadcast of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly,” SISTAR’s Hyorin exuded charisma as she candidly discussed her latest solo comeback with “Paradise.”

When the topic of music charts came up, the singer revealed that she tries not to think about how her songs will do on the charts at all, especially this time around. “If I worry about it, I think I might become too disappointed. So, I comfortably [don’t].” Hyorin explained.

The singer also talked about her top 3 favorite songs she’s released so far, either by herself or with others. Counting down to number one, Hyorin chose SISTAR19’s b-side track “A Girl in Love” and her duet with Jooyoung, “Erase,” as her third and second picks respectively. In first place is none other than “Slow,” which was produced by Hyorin herself.

Do you agree with her choices?

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