Uee Confesses The Hilarious Reason She Couldn’t Hold Her Part-Time Jobs In The Past

After School member Uee opened up about working in a lot of part time jobs in the past and shared a funny reason why many of them did not last long.

On November 20, the MBC show “Section TV” revealed an interview with the cast of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Night Light,” Lee Yo Won, Jin Goo, and Uee.

During her interview, Uee brought up her working experience in the past, saying, “I’ve worked in a bakery before and in a convenience store as well. But when I got off work, I bought the food there and ate a lot. And so I ended up spending more money than I was making. That’s why I couldn’t work at those places for a long time.”

“Night Light” airs every Monday and Tuesday on MBC starting November 21.

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