S.E.S. Reveals New Teaser + More Details About First Track In 14 Years

After recently announcing they will be making a comeback in honor of their 20th anniversary since debut, first generation girl group S.E.S. unveils more information about their newest track that will be released through SM Entertainment’s SM Station.

Reportedly entitled “Love [story],” the track was produced by Yoo Young Jin and Yoo Han Jin and is a remake of S.E.S’s original hit song “Love,” with new and old elements from another one of their songs, “I’m Your Girl,” and a whole new rap portion. On November 23, SM Entertainment released another teaser showing what the group’s logo may look like for this release.

This track is only a part of the group’s large-scale 20th anniversary project, “REMEMBER,” which will reportedly consist of the full package with more plans for concerts on December 30-31, a special album release on January 2, 2017, and even a reality program titled “Remember – I’m Your S.E.S.” The entire project is backed by SM Entertainment, the agency S.E.S originally debuted under, and 20 percent of all proceeds from all aspects of the project will be donated to charity.

Are you excited to hear S.E.S’s newest song when it drops on November 28 at midnight KST?

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