“Create Your Own K-Series” To Win A Trip To Korea!

Want to win a round-trip plane ticket to Korea? How about a brand-new LG V20? Maybe you’d like some BTS or BIGBANG merchandise? Enter this “Create Your Own K-Series” event sponsored by the Korea Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) for your chance to win!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Visit the event site and learn more about the event. 
  2. Watch the 5 K-Series videos below and share the event post on social media.
  3. What comes to mind when you think of Korea? Make your own K-Series content (photo or video) and post it on your social media!
  4. Leave a comment on the event post (Facebook, Weibo) with the post URL to your K-Series content.

Need some inspiration before making your own K-Series content? Check out these 5 short videos showing various aspects of Korean lifestyle to get your creative juices flowing:

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Craving some pizza or fried chicken, but don’t feel like leaving your room? Maybe you rushed out the door and forgot something at home? In Korea, you can have anything delivered to you in a snap! You can use an app to order takeout food, or call a quick-service company to delivery almost any item, any time, anywhere!


Treating yourself to a spa day is fun and easy at Korean saunas! You can enjoy hot or cold baths, get a full-body scrubdown, or just lounge in the common area watching TV and eating snacks. It’s a fun (and cheap!) way to relax with family or friends!


In Korea, you can use family terms even when talking to strangers. For example, if you are in a restaurant and an older woman is serving you, you can call her imo, which means “aunt.” There are different words to use, depending on your age compared to the age of the person to whom you are speaking. This naming culture helps everyone feel like family in Korea!


Heung is a Korean word for fun and excitement — and you can feel it through a variety of thrilling performances in Korea! Whether you stumble across talented street musicians or attend your favorite K-pop idol’s concert, you’re bound to feel the exciting energy of heung!


Koreans use thin metal chopsticks instead of wooden ones. Once you get the hang of using them, you can use metal chopsticks to pick up, hold, or tear apart food very precisely. It’s no wonder that many Koreans are so skilled with their hands!

Ready to make your own K-Series content? Find out more here and enter now for your chance to win one of the following prizes!

  • 1 round-trip plane ticket to Korea (1 person)
  • A brand-new LG V20 smartphone (1 person)
  • BTS album + goods (10 people)
  • BIGBANG DVD + photobook (10 people)
  • Annual Viki Pass (80 people)

You’ve got until December 4 KST to enter this contest, so don’t miss your chance to win big! Tell us what comes to mind when you think of Korea — you might get the chance to go there yourself!

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