16 Times K-Pop Idols Were Serious Ab Goals

Whenever a K-pop idol goes topless, it always seems to be a hot topic mentioned by many. Fans spend hours at their computers making GIFs, screensavers, and other ways to show off their favorite idols’ bodies. Here are 16 of the times our favorite idols have gone topless for us, in no particular order.

1. Shinhwa

For those old school K-poppers, we know that Shinhwa was the first group to be known as beast-dols. It’s hard to challenge this notion when the six of them completed a nude photobook and to this day joke around about making another one. Even though it’s been over 18 years in the game, you can still catch members like Minwoo showing off their bodies.
Watch this clip from way back when they shot their nude photobook in the Philippines!

2. 2PM

Next, we have all the members of 2PM. Every member to some degree has had some topless time on screen, in a photoshoot, or just because. It’s no wonder some say they brought back the term beast-dols.
You can find behind the scenes clips from their Men’s Health photoshoot on their youtube page:

3. Jackson Wang of GOT7

Following in the footsteps of his seniors, 2PM, rapper (and comedian to many) Jackson somehow always ends up shirtless. Most of the time unexpectedly on variety shows, giving it a little more spice than what we expected.
Check out this clip where Jackson fearlessly takes off his clothes in front of the camera:

4. Lay of EXO

Every now and then, EXO members like Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, and Suho, will bless us with an ab flash or even a topless moment because of a wardrobe change malfunction, but Lay seems to be one who gets caught frequently topless on accident (like on variety shows) and purposefully (like the teasing he does at concerts).
Check out this fancam of his amazing solo performance:

5. C.A.P of Teen Top

Although he may be shy on screen and is often viewed as the mysterious leader, CAP had no problem being shirtless in the music video for “Rocking” — a much appreciated gift to Teen Top fans across the globe!

6. Bobby of iKON

It doesn’t take much to find topless videos of Bobby! From fancams at concerts to hidden hotel cams from survival shows to his recent new music video for “HOLUP!” Bobby is not one to get shy when it comes to taking off his shirt. He is always daringly showing off his chocolate abs and back tattoo.

7. Choi Siwon of Super Junior

Here’s a reminder of a set of abs we are missing out on currently while he is completing his mandatory military service. Siwon can be caught going topless in dramas and frequently at concerts. Who has a countdown until his return?

8. Hoya of INFINITE

Another set of abs that we often get to see are Hoya’s from INFINITE! Can you just imagine being at an INFINITE concert where he starts taking off his shirt? And then the dance moves to “Bad”? Yes, please!
Check out some fancams below to get a glimpse of his beautiful body:

9. Taeyang of BIGBANG

While Taeyang has previously gone topless many times at concerts, we were blessed with four whole minutes of him without a shirt in his solo hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Regardless of the weather in the background of the music video including ocean waves, snow, and the sun out (guns out), his outfit remains the same — jeans and no shirt!

10. Minho of SHINee

Known for his charisma, impeccable facial features, and hot body, SHINee’s Minho never fails to top it all off with his perfectly chiseled body. From his broad shoulders to his guns to his chocolate abs, there isn’t a part of Minho that isn’t mesmerizing.

We also got to catch a glimpse of his body in his role in the drama “To the Beautiful You.”
Check out this spotlight on SHINee that bragged about Minho’s abs!

11. Minhyuk of BTOB

This photoshoot for Men’s Health was absolutely flawless! All thanks to Minhyuk’s excellent body and energy of course. We hope he can bless us with more goodies like this some time soon.

12. Jay Park

This list wouldn’t be complete without Jay Park because when is he NOT shirtless. I would even say he was the inspiration for this list to be created. Famous for his tattoos and bad boy style, you can catch a glimpse of his body in his new music video “Me Like Yuh.”

It’s no surprise that MONSTA X’s visual would have a great body to compliment his stunning face. Wonho is known for being into health products and protein and it definitely paid off when he went shirtless and in just a leather jacket at 2015 Dream Concert!
Rewatch the performance here:

14. Changmin of TVXQ

Some of you may be thinking about the times he went topless for performances or his revealing appearance in music videos, but there is one instance that is without a question one of the best shirtless surprises and highlights his creativity. He goes topless for his costume at the S.M. Halloween Party as Ace from “One Piece!”

15. Jimin of BTS

Remember this gem from MAMA 2014? Little did we know the message painted on Jimin’s body would be the title of one of the most epic album trilogies in K-pop history. Of course, I’m sure many of us missed the messaging because we were distracted by him ripping off his top on stage at one of the largest award shows of the years.
Rewatch their joint stage with Block B from MAMA 2014 below:

Which topless encounter is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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