Kim Sae Ron Celebrates Her New Start With YG Entertainment

Actress Kim Sae Ron recently got a chance to talk about joining YG Entertainment!

On November 24, the actress held a V Live session through the YG Stage channel, and was interviewed on set of a photoshoot for her new profile.

Kim Sae Ron 1

During the broadcast, Kim Sae Ron shared, “I’d like to greet everyone as a new member of the YG family.” The actress recently decided to leave her former agency and sign an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

Kim Sae Ron 3

When asked about her favorite YG artist, Kim Sae Ron chose Akdong Musician, and also picked Lee Hi’s “Missing U” as her favorite song by a YG artist. She was then asked to pick a preference between two given options, and picked sneakers over heels and hip-hop over R&B.

Kim Sae Ron 2

What do you think of YG Entertainment’s new actress?

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