B1A4 Next To Appear As Hosts For “SNL Korea”

B1A4 will be hosts for the upcoming episode of “SNL Korea Season 8!”

The group has been enjoying an excellent run in both group and solo activities, so viewers have been waiting in eager anticipation ever since their appearance was announced. From Baro of “Reply 1994” to Jinyoung who has proven his variety sense and acting chops in “God of Music 2” and “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds,” all of the members are sure to showcase their diverse charms in the episode.

b1a4 snl korea

According to the production crew, B1A4 will be transforming into 3-minute boyfriends who will go on sweet dates with SNL cast member and comedienne Lee Se Young. In the released photos of the rehearsals, Jinyoung especially has attracted attention for his opposing charms, as he plays a sweet and tough boyfriend.

b1a4 jinyoung snl korea

The production crew also praised B1A4 for preparing so enthusiastically for the live broadcast.

“They also got along really well with the crew, so there was always laughter on the set,” they added. “In particular for this episode, B1A4 will transform from boys to men, so please look forward to it.”

Are you looking forward to B1A4’s appearance?

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