Actress Seo Ji Hye Lists 3 Things She Avoids To Maintain Her Slim Figure

Actress Seo Ji Hye appeared in the “Talking Mirror” segment of “Get It Beauty 2016” to reveal the 3 foods she avoids to maintain her slim figure.

Weighing 48 kilograms at 170 centimeters, Seo Ji Hye called herself the “Embodiment of Self-Management” and stated, “There are 3 things I never eat. I haven’t eaten hamburgers, soft drinks or ramen for the past three years.”

She also revealed that she uses a mixture of coffee grounds and body oil to eliminate cellulite and exfoliate her skin.

On mixing perfumes, she said, “It’s okay to mix 2 perfumes together. Instead of spraying the perfume straight onto your wrists, you should spray it from the top of your head in a downward direction.”

Do you have any of your own tips to stay healthy?

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