TWICE’s Tzuyu Unabashedly Talks About Her Strengths

TWICE appeared as guests on the November 24 episode of Mnet’s latest talk show, “Yang and Nam Show.”

The topic of the day was to resolve the guests’ worries, and TWICE’s concern was that they were lacking in variety sense. Yang Se Hyung’s corner therefore focused on building an “entertaining character” for them, but when he presented the first segment with exaggerated aegyo, all he received as response was an awkward silence from the variety newbies. The patient teacher, however, took it in stride as he taught them how to react properly in situations like this.

The first segment was about knowing yourself, so each member had to guess their own strengths and weaknesses, based on the other members’ perspectives. Nayeon said her weakness is that she can’t stay still, but she’s actually the quiet type. This evidently caused a lot of confusion, which turned into laughter when Jeongyeon wittily quipped, “Mythomania?” (Mythomania is otherwise known as Compulsive Lying Disorder.)

Next was Tzuyu, who said her strength is maintaining her figure well, while her weakness is being frustrating. Right after her was Jeongyeon, who said her strength is that she is motherly, but her weakness is being too naggy.


Momo explained that Tzuyu is always standing, even when eating, as it aids digestion. To which Tzuyu added, “If I sit down right after I eat, it feels like there’s some discomfort, so I stand on purpose.”

TWICE Jungyeon Tzuyu

Do you share any strengths or weaknesses with TWICE?

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