Lee Sun Gyun Says Infidelity Is Not The Focus Of “My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week”

While divorce and infidelity are undeniably a big part of the storyline of JTBC’s “My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week,” Lee Sun Gyun believes that it’s not the most important aspect of the drama.

Through a source, he explained, “It’s a story about the development of one man and husband, Hyun Woo, the emotions he shares with his wife, and the improvement of a relationship as well as the communication between people as time goes on.”

The actor also named some of his favorite scenes, and said that most of the ending scenes from every episode stand out in his mind.

Lee Sun Gyun stated that while it was hard to choose one in particular, these are memorable because they clearly show how his character Hyun Woo felt when he encountered a difficult situation. He also said that they are good examples of the drama’s overall motif regarding human interactions and relationships.

“My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week” airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m KST. Check out the latest episode on Viki!

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