Min Hyo Rin Bashfully Talks About Physical Affection With Boyfriend Taeyang

On the November 25 episode of KBS2’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” the cast members play a game to find out about each other’s various experiences.

Min Hyo Rin gets asked if she is good at physical affection. Jessi and Min Hyo Rin got worried and said, “Wait, is this going to broadcast?” and explained that their parents watch the show.

Ra Mi Ran replied, “My family’s side and my in-laws all watch,” and didn’t give up on getting an answer.

Min Hyo Rin Sister's Slam Dunk

Min Hyo Rin said, “Am i supposed to judge myself whether or not I’m good at it?” Then Jessi asked, “Has your boyfriend never said you were good at it?”

Then Min Hyo Rin bashfully folds her finger to indicate that she is good at physical affection.

Watch the episode below!

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