Seo In Guk Gets Embarrassed At Being Called A “Kiss Master”

On November 25, Seo In Guk sat down for an interview about his recently wrapped drama, “Shopping King Louie.” In the drama he played a conglomerate heir who falls in love with a country girl (Nam Ji Hyun).

Of all the scenes in the drama, he picked his first kiss scene with Nam Ji Hyun as the best. “I think that when people watch it, they will cheer us on. I think it came across as a very pure kiss. It was probably the first kiss for both characters. So when we acted it out, we made sure to be a little tentative.”

He added, “I think Louie and Go Bok Shil have about four kiss scenes in the drama, but the first one is the best.”

Seo In Guk is known as the “kiss master,” having established great chemistry with all his leading ladies so far. “That’s so embarrassing,” he said about the nickname. “It’s supposed to be a compliment, but the wording is so embarrassing. Kiss scenes are the highlight of a drama, but I don’t think skill enters into it. Kiss scenes need a well-made narrative to bloom properly.”

You can watch the first episode of “Shopping King Louie” below!

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