“Infinite Challenge” Travel To The Tundra To Raise Awareness About Polar Bears

On November 26, “Infinite Challenge” travelled to the tundra to fulfill Jung Joon Ha‘s mission of meeting a polar bear.

While driving through the tundra on special vehicles and buggies, Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha saw that the Hudson Bay remained unfrozen even though it was already November, and expressed regret over the global warming crisis.

Infinite Challenge

Park Myung Soo Infinite Challenge

They also passed their first polar bear on their trip. Park Myung Soo got excited at seeing a polar bear for the first time and started talking like a reporter, while Jung Joon Ha looked sad at seeing the bears eating plants to stave off their hunger until the bay freezes and they could hunt again.

You can watch the episode below:

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